Ayurveda Basic Course 2 for therapists; Online video lessons course

Docent: Coen van der Kroon AP


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Start the course immediately – from home, in your own time and pace

The topics of this second lesson module:
“Ayurveda remedies for your patients”

  1. the basic principles of ayurveda: the seven dhatus (body tissues)
  2. the basic principles of ayurveda: the 16 srotamsi (physiological systems in the body)
  3. ayurvedic pharmacology and phytotherapy
  4. Ayurvedic pathology: a dynamic system
  5. ayurveda and holistic treatment & bio-engineering
  6. the role of ayurvedic herbs and remedies

A new course for (non-Ayurveda or novice Ayurveda) therapists and practitioners in the field of health and well-being:

An online and interactive course to get to know the basic principles of Ayurveda adequately and quickly. This course is designed and taught by Coen van der Kroon. You can join at any time.

Teaching modules in this basic course (entry-level learning path):

  • Ayurveda – Basics – Part 1
  • Ayurveda – Basics – Part 2

You have a maximum of 3 months to complete each e-Learning basic course.

Why is this an entry-level learning path?

Holisan requires a certain level of basic knowledge to participate in her lectures and workshops, to prevent the lectures from focusing too much on basic questions and therefore leaving less time for the subject itself. This learning path adequately provides the opportunity to learn a number of Ayurveda basics in the short term, and at your own pace and time. And also to receive a small introduction to the products offered by Holisan, and how to use them in a more Ayurvedic responsible way for your clients, in your practice.

Objective of this basic course in two parts

In addition to learning a number of Ayurvedic basics in a nutshell, the aim of this basic course is in two parts:

  • acquire sufficient knowledge to participate in other basic and advanced Holisan lectures and seminars on specific topics (conditions, treatment methods, etc.)
  • introducing ‘beginners’ in the field of Ayurveda to the basic principles of Ayurveda, with associated – as an introduction – certain accessible Holisan products

“A basic course in two parts about Ayurveda as an ancient system of wisdom and the modern engineering science of our physiology.”

What is covered?

A number of important topics are covered in these two compact lesson modules of this basic course. From basic principles, to nutrition and lifestyle, constitution, simple remedies, and introductory insights into more complex remedies and treatments. This basic course opens the door to more Ayurveda knowledge in a way that is manageable and accessible. For more Ayurveda in a Western and modern way, tailored to what you as a therapist can use and integrate.

“Do you want to learn more about how Ayurveda views our body-mind system? Then this clear and modern basic course in 2 parts is for you: you will learn the basic principles of Ayurveda in an insightful and applicable way.”

After this, participate in other Holisan lectures

After successfully completing the entire learning path (i.e. successfully completing the two Ayurveda teaching modules – Fundamentals 1 & 2), you can participate in all advanced, clinically oriented, Ayurveda lectures and seminars (specific pathologies, remedies and treatments in the practice). These lectures and seminars are given by Ayurveda experts, including both Ayurvedic vaidyas (with BAMS title) and Ayurveda practitioners/therapists, with extensive knowledge and experience in this field.

How are the teaching modules offered:

  • Via an online platform with an LMS (learning management system: an automated learning system)
  • You can join at any time
  • You can decide when you watch the lessons and take the associated tests
  • You have a maximum of 2 months per lesson module (so that is 2 times 2 months in total), but
  • you can also do it faster of course
  • After successfully completing the two teaching modules, you can register for and participate in all other advanced clinical lectures and seminars at Holisan

Each lesson module consists of:

  • Course reading material (both teaching modules come with a PDF with teaching material: the course brochure)
  • 6 Video lessons of approximately one hour, with Coen van der Kroon as teacher-speaker
  • 6 Quizzes of 10-15 questions (a quizz and questions in between for each video lesson)
  • Do-it-yourself assignments for at home or in your practice
  • Introductory moments regarding certain remedies and products
  • A final test of 25 questions > this test must be completed with a passing grade in order to complete the course

Costs per lesson module:

  • €49.95 – and that includes:
  • Syllabus in PDF, available for download via LMS, see below
  • Learning Management System participation: online learning platform with information, video lessons and tests: maximum 2 months access, within which period the lesson module must be completed
  • Online PDF certificate upon successful completion

This course is designed and taught by Coen van der Kroon. He has been giving courses and lectures at Holisan for many years, and is also the founder and program director of an HBO Bachelor accredited vocational training course in Ayurveda with international fame. Coen van der Kroon is able to convey the basic principles of Ayurveda in a modern, lively and appealing way. He explains the classical Ayurveda science in such a way that you – as a therapist (also from areas other than Ayurveda) – can get started right away. Ayurveda (part of Traditional Indian Medicine, TIM, comparable to TCM) is universally applicable and usable. A good translation is necessary to make use of the wealth of this science. This basic course in 2 parts provides that.

Optional for these lesson modules are:

  • Live moments to ask questions (online, sometimes on location, in case of ‘return day’, see there)
  • Questions session with one of the teachers involved in this basic course
  • Recommended books and literature
  • Holisan Ayurveda ‘introductory package’: a set of Holisan products as discussed in the relevant teaching module for an attractive price

There are additional costs associated with these optional options
You will receive more information about these optional extra options after registration, as part of the lesson package.

The topics of Ayurveda – Basics – Part 1

Ayurveda – Basics – Part 1
“Ayurveda for your patients”

  1. the basic principles of Ayurveda: the three doshas
  2. Ayurveda as a health model and preventive care
  3. Ayurvedic constitution: the dosha types
  4. Ayurvedic nutrition, digestion and microbiome
  5. Ayurvedic lifestyle, seasons and chronobiology
  6. Ayurvedic skin care and massage

Experiences of participants:

I think it is extremely clever how the course is set up to convey this complex matter.

I found the basic courses 1 and 2 tough. For those who do not yet know much about Ayurveda, it is interesting and worthwhile. (Annet de Jonge)

Coen van der Kroon AP

Wie is Coen van der Kroon?

Coen van der Kroon studeerde in 1989 af in de Klassieke Talen met een scriptie over de Griekse Hippocratische geneeskunde in vergelijking met de Oosterse geneeskunde. Daarna verdiepte hij zich in verschillende natuurlijke geneeswijzen, waaronder ayurveda.

In 2005 heeft Coen van der Kroon The Academy of Ayurvedic Studies (AAS) opgericht, als onderafdeling van The European Institute of Vedic Studies, Frankrijk (geleid door Atreya Smith). De AAS is in 2017 opgegaan in Delight Academy | Ayurveda, en die is in 2023 omgedoopt naar Ayurveda Academy The Netherlands. De academie biedt een deeltijd 4-jarige beroepsopleiding in Ayurveda op Bachelor niveau. Coen is momenteel programmadirecteur en maakt deel uit van de faculty van deze academie.

In de afgelopen 15 jaar heeft Coen van der Kroon tientallen artikelen over Ayurveda & Yoga geschreven voor diverse tijdschriften, een inleidend boek over Ayurveda, alsmede een 450 pagina's tellende correspondentiecursus over ayurvedische basisprincipes. Hij doet onderzoek en werkt aan een boek over ghee en aan een boek over Ayurveda en Yoga. Binnenkort komen meerdere boeken van hem uit, gekoppeld aan een uitgebreide online cursus ayurveda.

Van 1999 tot 2002 heeft Coen van der Kroon Ayurveda gestudeerd aan het Ayurvedic Institute bij Dr. Vasant Lad, in de VS en in India. Tijdens en na die periode liep hij enkele stages in India om meer praktijkervaring op te doen. Hij heeft ook gestudeerd bij gerenommeerde leraren op het gebied van Ayurveda en Yoga, zoals Dr. David Frawley, Dr. Sunil Joshi, Dr. Robert Svoboda, Dr. Vijith Sasidhar, Dr. Alaknanda Rao, en Vaidya Atreya Smith, die allen (gast)docenten zijn bij Delight Academy | Ayurveda.

Al sinds 2001 werkt Coen free lance voor Holisan, waar hij artikelen en productinformatie schrijft, onderzoek doet, en lezingen en cursussen geeft over specifieke ayurvedische onderwerpen.

Persoonlijke homepage: www.ayurvedicstudies.nl

Academy homepage: www.ayurvedanetherlands.com

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