Thomas Punnen

Who is Thomas Punnen?

43 years ago Sri. Thomas Punnen acquired knowledge about natural ways of treatment, Ayurveda and marma from a legendary guru and sadhu – Vaidyan Ashan. In the beginning of his career he used his time and skills to treat patients in Kerala under the guidance of his guru. His desire for more knowledge about herbal medicine and different health care systems took him to many other parts of the world including North America, South America, Europe and the Far East.

In 1990, Sri. Thomas Punnen joined a research team:

Thomas Punnen joined a research team at David Robertson’s foundation for the study of multiple sclerosis. After obtaining a license to practice marma and Ayurveda in the Netherlands, he opened his own clinic in Amsterdam in 1992. Considering his distinguished contribution in the field of natural medicine, BATC (Association of Therapists and Consumers) and RING (Association of Alternative Medicine in Europe) granted him a grade ‘A’ practitioner certificate.

Shortly thereafter Sri. Thomas Punnen started researching skin care products and skin diseases, especially supposedly incurable afflictions such as eczema and psoriasis. After many years of research and testing he developed oils for various skin care problems, psoriasis and oil for hair growth, which are now our patent products in India under the Brand name ” PUNNENS” (REGISTERED TRADE MARK).

For the past 16 years Sri. Thomas Punnen has continued his research:

on various skin problems and with the full cooperation of people in The Netherlands and India, Developed new pure and natural oils for Various skin problems, Neuro problems,Migrain, Neck and Spinal problems etc.with out any chemical involment. His patients from India and many European countries helped him to do the clinical trials on their own bodies and attained excellent results. He obtained perfection in the year 2004 which gave him the confidence to introduce these products to the market. Since 2005, All his 7 Patent products becoming more and morepopular in europe.

Thomas Punnen was the director of the well-established The Kerala Ayurvedic Centre in Amsterdam.

His expertise includes giving seminars, courses and practical training on Ayurveda, marma techniques, Panchakarma and massage therapies.

Lezingen & Workshops door Thomas Punnen